Career Resources

Career Resources for Entry-Level Electrical Engineering Graduates

(Downloadable Excel Files of Each)

..Missing Links are Coming Soon..

I. Research Data & Statistics:

II. Develop Strategic Plan/Procedure:

  1. Make a Master Resume & Cover Letter using:
    • RESUME SAMPLE COLLECTION – Clearly, consistently and compellingly communicate your value via actions/ability
    • Cover Letter / Video Conference – Identify the needs and challenges you can solve based on your technical skills, experience gained over time, leadership and industry connections. Explain HOW you will!
  2. Custom tailor to requirements, using the specifications company published
  3. Setup Google Voice account so spammers don’t get your real # and be able to keep recordings & transcripts of voicemails
  4. Make Resumes for every job type (RF/Controls/etc) +  (include that phone #)
  5. Research State & Company salary averages 
  6. Goal: Apply to preferred state, then 2nd most preferred, then states that have the most EE jobs
  7. Bookmark favorite TOP STATES with desired advanced search settings: (ie. Entry-Level)
  8. Put all jobs into excel sheet by state and apply to one state per day
  9. Setup RSS Feeds to keep an eye out for brand new posts
  10. Follow-Up with Email or on Contact Us page: Prep script
  11. Prep script & call log
  12. Follow-Up by phone
  13. Interview Prep


Documentation & Templates:

Script Templates:

Follow-Up Call Script:

“Hello, my name is: __________
I submitted my resume a couple weeks ago for the position of:______
Would you be able to direct me to the person in charge of hiring?
Could I please get their name and phone number?
I was wondering if the position had been filled?
Would we be able setup an interview?”

Job Search Resources:

  • USA Recruiters
  • FL Career Centers
  • Top Career Search Websites
  • Career Fairs
  • RSS Feeds & Software Tools



Other Resources:

Goals for the Future:


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