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Median Salary by Employer Name – Job: Electrical Engineer (United States)

Median Salary by Employer Name

ENTRY LEVEL PAY (Nat’l Avg’s)  Salary
MBA (from a top 20 university) $71,550
MBA (+ Engineering BS) $57,170
Communications or RF Engineer $52,500
Printed Circuit Designer $51,500
Electrical Engineering BS degree $48,700
Semiconductor Engineering $47,800
Computer Engineering BS degree $46,700
Software Engineer BS degree $46,650
Hardware Engineer BS degree $46,400
Mechanical Engineer BS degree $46,200
Computer Science BS degree $44,200
Chemical Engineering BS degree $42,900
Applications Engineer $42,000
Field Sales Support Engineer $41,500
Analyst $40,750
C/C++ Coding $40,600
Industrial Engineer $40,300
IT Professional BS or BA degree $39,500
Manufacturing Engineer $39,300
CAD Analysis $38,500
CAD Designer $37,500
Civil Engineering BS degree $36,500
Network Administrator $32,200
Game Development (Software) $31,600
Petroleum Engineer BS degree $30,800
Multimedia Developer $30,000
Web Developer $28,350
Computer Support Technology $26,350



Purpose of Knowing Statistics: Negotiation

  • Strategies for Salary Negotiation – link




Local Data by County



Competitors by County (Local)


Biggest Hiring Companies



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